Controling Tv and others electronics with ALEXA

Whether or not you will get a loop depends on the exact set up you have the turning things off. You may just have to experiment with a few variations to get it right.


What I did was change the settings in harmony and told it I have separate buttons to turn the TV off/on. The on command I used power toggle. The off command I used up arrow (you can just choose anything that won’t actually do anything) I then use a momentary switch in smartthings. I now use the smarthings beta for harmony and tell. The harmony when swith is on run power up tv activitie, when off exit power up tv activitie. Since the switch is momentary it works great. I can also say. “Alexa, turn the TV on” and “Alexa, turn the TV off” works like a charm and will always be in sync no matter how the TV gets turned off/on.

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Everything seems to be working. Watched the logs and haven’t had any issues at all. Perfectly usable for the time being. Thanks

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Can the virtual switch be used to turn off the TV that’s also included in a group of things? For instance, I have Hue Light Bulbs, Lutron shades, and TV all added to one Activity on the Harmony Hub. I have that configured as a group on the Amazon Echo, “Tower TV”. So when I say, Alexa, turn on the Tower TV, she does. I tried adding a virtual switch “Power” to the start sequence of the Harmony activity. It’s been authorized. The switch is set to ON in the start sequence. When I start the activity, the switch does get turned on. When I end the sequence, from the harmony app, the switch goes off. All devices turn on and turn off as they should, using the harmony app. When I tell Alexa to “Turn off the Tower TV” nothing else turns off. Everything stays on.

Is there something I’m missing? I should be able to say, Alexa, turn the Tower TV off, and everything should shut off, right? The end sequence doesn’t seem to be initiating.

Where or what ap do you create the virtual switches with? New to my ST2 hub and the wife just got me echo for xmas?

Hi new on here, not read all the threads so maybe covered already, I use alexa to control my tv (all functions) using my ir on my galaxy note 4, works really well with ifttt and anymote skill, obv it’s only any good if your phone has this feature!

If you guys are interested in controlling IR devices using Alexa, You can try using which cost only 26$ using a ESP 8266 based development board.

You can also control tv with Alexa using harmony