Control4 integration

Wondering if there is anything new with integration of Control4 & SmartThings. I see that Control4 has integration with Alexa ( So it would seem there is now an api available to expose Control4?

If Alexa can manage Control4, it would seem that SmartThings should be able to as well.

Anyone know anything about this?

I suppose I could implement Alexa controlling Control4, and then have ST/CoRE/WebCoRE issue commands to Alexa? but that just seems kludgey…

You cannot issue commands to Alexa. The only thing that can invoke an Alexa skill is Alexa herself.

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Kludgy is right, but there are some community members who have set up a separate speaker device next to an echo device and then automate the first device literally speaking commands that the echo will respond to you:

Other than that, Control 4 has always had a lot of integrations, but that’s not the same thing as having an open API. Search the forums, there are some members who have done some limited integrations, but nothing new in the last year.

LMAO… Yes, that would work. I never thought of that. But you have no way of knowing the status of the other device. It would be like the broadlink rf integration. Totally one way and “dumb” (in the control sense). You’d have no way of confirming it.

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