Control Z-Wave deadbolt lock from Monoprice?

@ajostler Sorry for never responding. Honestly, ST has been so lousy for me the last few months I had kind of given up on it. It is till pretty terrible (mostly lighting stuff), but I had some free time to dabble again.

I can tell you that I have more or less gotten it working. The issue is that basically all of the locks people use implement the Alarm command class which is how they figure out what event occurred and what triggered it. Sadly the monoprice does not. It uses door lock logging instead which honestly seems to be the way it was meant to be used but apparently not the standard. I have done a fair bit of hacking around found a way to dig out the code when a user unlocks the door. It is far from perfect however and I it doesn’t handle things very well (i.e. manually or remotely unlocking). I am hoping to spend a bit more time fooling with it over the next few days and maybe I can get it cleaned up enough to share if you’re interested in trying it.


Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I’ve had similar issues with my hub lately, glad to see I’m not the only one. Like you, it’s mainly for lighting tasks, and it seems to mostly be for scheduled tasks using sunrise/sunset.

Anyways, back on topic. Yeah, that’d be great if you could share whatever progress you’ve made. I have some experience coding, so maybe we could work on it collaboratively. I just didn’t want to reinvent the wheel if someone had already gone through the trouble.

It has been very frustrating for me and the WAF has plummeted rapidly. I hate getting home and seeing my lights were left on all day because somehow the event to turn them off didn’t trigger. Drives me nuts and has made me turn away from it. The only reason I still mess with it at all is because I find it interesting.

Regarding the code, let me explain to you what I have been doing, So everything I have done is based off the Z-wave lock reporting device handler. When the door is locked or unlocked it triggers a DoorLockOperationReport event. In that event I check to see if the door locked or unlocked. If unlocked I then trigger a doorLockLoggingV1.recordGet() event which gives all the specifics of the locking including date, time, code, etc. There are a few problems however. 1st the doorLockLoggingReport causes an error if there in no code attached. So in cases where the lock is done manually it throws an error, With no code the response is too short so when you go to deencapsulate (since it’s a lock it has extra security) it give a indexOutOfBounds error. I think this is a ST issue in how they handle the deencapsulation but I could be wrong. Anyway, I can then send an event which a smartapp can subscribe to with the code used and whatever else. Right now I am using the User Lock Manager smartapp from yracine I believe.

That’s all the theory behind it and it sorta works. I need to look into a few things more but that’s the general idea. Would be cool to get this working smoothly.

@ajostler I am hoping to have some time this weekend to clean the code up a bit and share what I have.

I have successfully managed to lock and unlock the monoprice dead bolt. I also have the battery indicator. My problem is that the batteries only last 3 or 4 days. I get the notice that the battery is low, but 4 days is a bit short.
I’m very much a newbe here and wondering if my battery issue is being experienced by other uaers.

Mine has been installed for months now and it hasn’t complained about the battery yet.

How did you get the battery indicator to work?

How do you add the time criteria?

I’m using the smartapp located in this thread:

For the battery indicator, I’m using yracine’s device handler, and it worked out of the box.

Sweet! Haha

no go for the battery indicator fer me. Just shows “–” on the app.

I hate to revive a dead topic but they stopped selling these and I want to buy another… Anyone looking to sell theirs :slight_smile:

Sorry if this violates any rules.

Yes they did. Why would you want to buy one? There are many great options in the market.

I have one already, it works well with some community code. Having matching
locks seems convenient.

Do you have one or are you just judging me? :slight_smile:

Just curious. I was talking to their product team. Their price point was great but they decided to pull it off the market. There was some feedback about some nuances but they decided to pull it due to lack of demand and the nuances.

I was hoping they would have one lying around, but their agent said no… if
you know someone who knows someone who might have access to one, that’d be

Anyway, agreed on the nuances. For example if I got a second one going on
my front door I’d have to replace the beeping element or remove it entirely.

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I have one - never have been able to make it work - but I’m pretty sure that’s because I wasn’t using the right community code. If you’re interested, I’m pretty sure I have everything sitting in a box (in hopes that someday it’ll actually work I guess - or I’m just a packrat).

Broke mine and bought two Yale locks oh well…

No worries - thing never worked for me at all. I have 3 yale locks now, all awesome.


Just for completeness, there is a DTH that works with the Monoprice locks and it allows you to program codes on the locks using a SmartApp like SmartThings SmartLocks or Lock User Management (LUM).
However do note that the lock has an quirk with the firmware and doesn’t always report which user operated the lock. So while you can program codes and have users unlock the lock, it won’t always say which user unlocked it. YMMV