Control trådfri driver from both smartthings and button

Hi, ia am trying to add mu trådfri driver to both smartthings and a trådfri Button. I know it should work because i have two similar setups already…

I can pair the driver to the hub without any problem. But when i then tries to sync the Button to the driver by moving it close to the driver and hold the sync Button for 10 sec it takes over the control and The driver is no longer able to be controlled from smartthings…

What am i doing wrong and what can i do different?

In zigbee setups like this, regardless of the specific brand of the devices, you must first pair both the driver and the button individually to Smartthings, so they are all on the same network.

Did you do it that way? Were you able to see both the button and the driver in the smartthings app before you tried Touchlink pairing between the button and the driver?

I don’t know for sure that that will work with the IKEA devices, but I do know for sure that you will have the problem you describe if you didn’t first add the individual devices to the smartthings hub before pairing them together.

Thats why its suddebly working… I resetted the Button and managed to pair it to smartthings as “Thing” then paired it to the driver and voila… It worked… But i cant figure out how to change it from Thing to Button… When i log in to IDE it says i dont have any devices, not even my hub is shown… Is the IDE taken down perhaps? So how do i change the device now?

The IDE is still working in the US. I just tried it.

Well not in europe it seems. But its working now. Just have to figure out how to change it from Thing to button

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do you “driver” option in device menu ?

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No, not on the Button i dont

id recommend to migrate to Edge at some point

Does Ikea trådfri led driver work with edge driver? And what is that edge driver?

As far as I know Generic Zigbee switch works well. There are quite few manufacturer specific features.

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I have edge drivers on most things… Can you share a link to an edge driver working with the tradfri driver? And tradfri Button?

I might be wrong, but I think both the Tradfri driver and button are supported by the stock edge drivers.
How are you pairing?
If you tried to scan for the devices, perhaps it is worth trying to add a device “by brand” instead

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both official and Mariano’s drivers support Tradfri devices.
Mariano’s driver has additional features like Zigbee groups(direct button->led connect) and natural light.