Control Smartthings from a laptop

I have a personal laptop set-up at work and I’ve been wanting to look at smartthings from my laptop instead of always having my face buried in my phone looking at all the different settings. Then it hit me… Install Android on a VirtualBox VM. The awesome part is it is completely free! I’ve pasted a link to the instructions below. Once you get Android installed, just log into Android like you would with your phone and go to the play store and download the Smartthings app. I don’t have much set-up yet, but i’m building my smart home one device at a time.

I believe it also works pretty well with I haven’t tried it for a while though.


At one point I had put together a guide to set up SmartThings on BlueStacks (Android emulator) but it involved editing the registry and I thought that would be too daunting for your average user.

Looks good!

Got this working. Not bad for a Mac user who has never worked with Android. :wink:

One thing, though. Running the SmartThings app forces KitKat to display in portrait mode, so everything is rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise. I can live with this if there’s no way to fix it, but if someone knows how to tell VirtualBox that my display needs to rotate, I’d love to learn how to do that.

One way or the other, thanks for this!

  • Steve

@sfish, I installed a rotation app from the app store. Then I turned off global rotation and it worked like a champ.

Thank you, @will81775. I was puzzled on what needed doing, and that was the answer. :smile:

(another) Steve