Control panel wall mount ideas

Has anyone used/seen this product?

If so, what’s your feedback, and how do you power your tablet.

Also, any other easy to install products out there?


The koala products have been discussed a number of times in the forum over the years. They’re fine for what they are, which is just a plastic holder that you slip the tablet into, like a lot of the wallmount remote holders for fan or window coverings remotes. People either just go ahead and plug them in to a nearby outlet or get into a more complicated set up.

You can find lots of discussion of various ways of mounting tablets and phones in the following thread, including several posts about the koala product . The thread has been active for several years, and there are lots of good ideas there, some with pictures. (Note that any reference to “smarttiles“ is referring to the original version of what is now actionTiles.)

You can also look on the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki. Look down towards the bottom of the page for the project reports section and there is a list for dashboard and control panel projects:


I remember visiting that discussion, and totally forgot about it. Thanks!


This is the original discussion:

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