Control of 2 dimmers with one app?

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I’m new to this and struggling to get this working. We have a large indoor pool and I’m setting up a tablet on the wall with Smarttiles. We have an LED valence on the ceiling bulkhead area that is controlled but two Leviton Zwave dimmers. Currently, I have a Virtual Switch and Smart Lighting setup; which do turn on the light together and turn them off together but do not dim together. Only if I specify the dim level in the Smart Lighting. After they are on, I can’t manipulate them both. Is there any solution to make them turn on from one tile and be dimmed together from the same tile that turns them on and off. Than you for any suggestions

If you do a search using the little magnifying glass icon you should be able to see lots of discussion on this. I think the one that is the most beneficial for you is this one below. Take a look further down in the thread from @quantiletree

Hi Dalec,

Thank you for the response. I have searched quite a bit and that’s how I got this far with the Virtual Dimmer. The issue with Dim With Me app is that I have no idea how to actually add it to my things. I know how to add the Virtual Dimmer via IDE. But when I follow similar instructions for the Dim With Me, and then go to Market place, setup a new device it shows a ?

Got it. Hold on a sec and I’ll pull up @JDRoberts “How To” ; it’s an awesome tutorial for installing step by step for custom smartapps and device handlers. For the life of me I can’t find it right away in the search on my phone?

Great, I’ll search his posts and see if I can pull it up. If so, I’ll copy it here.

This must be it?


That is it! It is an excellent resource. :grinning:

I keep searching on “How To…” and I keep forgetting @JDRoberts has it as FAQ: An Overview… :worried:

I’ll have a read through and see if I can manage! Again, I’ll post back what I come up with

Good luck, just follow @JDRoberts step by step instructions. If you have any questions you can post it in that thread or back here. However I can tell you @JDRoberts is the ultimate helper. :relaxed:

Ohhh k. I finally got it. I think what’s confusing is that some of those github codes don’t tell you that its Smartapp vs Device Handlers. (or its hard to see/ know to look for)

So in my case, Virtual Dimmer is a Device Handler and Dim With Me is a Smartapp. So in your IDE, it matters where you add the code/device.

In the Device handlers, I added the Virtual Dimmer, then configured a new device using the Virtual Dimmer type.

Once I added Dim With me to the SmartApp section, I then saw it under Marketplace > My Apps > Dim With me.

From there configured a Mode and then added the Virtual Dimmer as the master controller. And it works like a charm.

Thanks for all your help!

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Great! I understand because I was in the exact same place! :slight_smile: That @JDRoberts FAQ was a huge help for me when I first started as well. Glad you got it.