Control Multiple Fibaro Roller Shutters 2

I hope this is in the right categorie:

I have multiple Fibaro Roller Shutters working with Smartthings as a light dimmer.
I also have Google home working with that. This only works with a strange command: “Okey Google, turn shutter on/off” instead of “open/close shutter”.
Now I have found a Device Handler for the shutter that makes it work like a real shutter. So far so good!

My problem
When the shutters were set-up as light dimmers, I could add a virtual dimmer switch to control multiple shutters at the same time (I have 3 in one room).
Now that the shutters are set-up as a real shutter, the virtual dimmer switch doesn’t work anymore, but I can’t find a replacement.

Is there a way to ‘group’ multiple Shutters, so that I can control them at the same time? (open, close and partially open)

Thanks in advanced for your help and ideas! :slight_smile:

I also would be glad for an answer for that question…