Control “Fully Dashboard” via API with a DTH?

We did :wink:! … That’s why we love Fully so much, because it has a ton of potential. I’m glad to see it being explored.

There’s a huge gap between having the APIs available and making them intuitively understandable (and having their value understood) by the average Customer.

But projects like this serve as excellent proofs-of-concepts.

Trying to do this in webcore but it’s not working for me. When I run the curl command manually I get:

{"status":"Error","statustext":"Please login"}

even though I am passing my password in the querystring as &password=xxxx. Am I missing something obvious?

Have you tried it in your browser first to check? In Fully settings enabled “remote local network access”, I didn’t bother with the cloud option.

Admin via the browser works fine. Remote Admin from Local network is on. Its so strange. I’ve emailed Fully for help.

Ok - it was a stupid curl syntax mistake - I forgot quotes around the entire URL.

It still doesn’t seem to work from WebCore though. I get no response at all when logging the $response. Is it possible that its not executing locally? Is there a way to force it to run from my local hub?

Edit: The httpResponseCode for the request is 408 (timeout)

Edit 2: Changed to GETing the entire url instead of a BaseURL + querystring parameters and now it is working.