Control Device with IDE

In the IDE, I can (among other things) check the status of my devices (eg, to see if a light switch is On or Off).

Is it possible to “control” (ie, change the state of) a device? I dont see a way to turn the device On or Off. I can do that from the SmartThings App, or other connected apps (Alexa, etc). But it doesnt appear that I can do that from the IDE itself (unless I’m just not seeing this functionality).

Can someone confirm whether this is possible?

not possible to control devices in IDE.

There are two web-based interfaces you can check out… and

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there was a call for users to signup for a chance to test a web portal but that project has yet to start…

That project did actually start, and it’s now closed. I believe they’re waiting to move to the next stage.

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