Control all switches

I have about 100 switches hooked to my smart thing hub.
I created a virtual switch to control about 60 of them to shut off in one press.
Though it’s working some how good some of the switches takes up to 2 minutes to go off i was wondering if there’s any way to make hub run the process faster.

Thank you!

which switches are taking longer? are they running thru ifttt or some other 3rd party app?

They all Honeywell light switches and the connected directly to the hub with no other app in the background.

I was thinking if it has to do with the fact that the hub is sending the command to one switch at the time and so it’s just take time to go through 60 switches or so?

Exactly that, plus any “issues” in your zwave mesh causing route delays. What you’re experiencing is called “popcorn effect” when controlling that many devices all at once. If you search the community for that you’ll see a few topics on that.