Control access to published SmartApp

Hi All,

In the documentation page, titled “Writing your first SmartApp”, there is a small note that says

NOTE: If you have a SmartApp that you do want to publish publicly, you can do that via the “My Publication Requests” link at the top of the page. For more information on this, see Submitting SmartApps for Publication

This is great, except I need to be able to control who has access to the app. I’d love to able to ‘invite’ or select only certain SmartThings users for eligibility of the app.

The reason behind this is that the app I’m writing is intended for customers to forward their SmartThings data to our Azure platform, but there is no way of creating such a SmartApp without including our Azure EventHub credentials within the code, which would mean, if published publically, any user could potentially interface with our Azure EventHub.


@Jim is there any documentation on this? Or any similar cases? Thank you!

Approved it :slight_smile:

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