Control a ST LED strip with a Hue Dimmer Switch?

So, in a room I have a Hue Dimmer Switch which I use to control 2 Hue bulbs. Np problem.

Now, I have a Osram Lighty light strip laying around which I would like to add to the room, so when I use the Hue Dimmer Switch, it will also turn on/off the Osram Light Strip.

Can that be done?

Either by importanting the Osram Light Strip into Hue, OR by important the Hue Dimmer Switch into ST, and do some automation/rules there?

Regards Simon

Let me add, I believe I can discover the Hue Dimmer Switch in the SmartThings app, but I think I need to reset the Hue Dimmer Switch, and I fear it will then loose it’s connection with the Hue Brigde, and will no longer be able to control the 2 Hue bulbs in the room?!

You can discover the hue dimmer switch in ST and it does require a reset of that device. You can configure it to control the two hue bulbs through the dimmer switch on ST.

Check out a new Edge driver (beta)…

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Thanks, and if I do that, then I will no longer be able to control the Hue Dimmer Switch through Hue, correct?

Currently the kids like that they can press the “Turn on”-button in the Hue Switch and get different light modes (red, yellow, green and blue I think). So I would have to program something similar in ST right, if I still want that, correct?

That is correct. The ST hub would be controlling it.

If you ever wanted to switch back to the hue bridge, you simply reset it and add it back to hue.

Yes, you can program it several ways. Set it up to operate basically like it is on the hue bridge or you can configure up to 4 separate buttons with two commands each. For example, I set a simple press on button #1 to turn on a light and a long press on button #1 to turn off that light. I set another button with simple press to open all my shades and a long press to close them.

I switched my hue dimmer over last week and so far, I am liking it.

Note: I should amend to correct one item… when connected to the hue bridge, you could set up to five actions on the 1st button (on) for the lights you selected whether dimming levels, etc so you can’t duplicate that part…on ST… there are only two commands for each of the 4 buttons.

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