Control a Roku Ultra with SmartThings?

Is there a way to control a Roku Ultra from within Smartthings?

The Roku Ultra and others can be controlled by a phone that is on the same network. Meanwhile, the ST hub is also on the same network. Perhaps an advantage is that the Roku Ultra uses an RF remote that needs no line of sight as an IR or would.

I’m not entirely sure how I’d use this. But with CEC enabled HDMI, I could remotely turn on via the Roku my sound system.

Logitech Harmony :slight_smile:

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If it can be controlled by an app and you have an android phone, you may be able to do something with Tasker and sharp tools via its app. But there isn’t anything to control the device directly in the new V3 app.

As @jkp said, the best integration for AV is through Harmony. Some people have also created integration for global cache but those are much more technical and require an intermediate server.

You can also use the official SwitchBot mini integration, but you pretty much have to create a scene for each button press, so it’s not as good as the harmony integration

Well in Classic app, yes. In new app no. There are three different DTH.

madmouse : Roku
ericboehs : Roku TV
RokuSmartThings : Roku

You’ll need also SmartApp to add those devices “Roku (Connect)”

New app shows all DTH as switches.

Someone needs to rewrite apps for new app.


Thanks! :sunglasses:

@JDRoberts I have edited my post after your comment

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Thanks all!

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Just remember that they have already announced the classic app will be discontinued in a few months…:disappointed_relieved:

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@derekwbeck Did you end up having any luck?

For Rooms Manager, I’d like to be able to tell if my Roku is turned on or off. I don’t really need to control it. I’m thinking that this might work?

Bummer… The device handler successfully captures the on/off state when detecting, but it doesn’t update after that. With so many Roku TVs out there, I was hoping that the on/off state could be a trigger for @bangali 's Rooms Manager’s Engaged state.

@DITPL maybe ping @brgavino also to check if he might be interested in mirating the roku ST classic app to the new app.

C:\Users\DITPL> ping @brgavino -t



I don’t know much about coding - is there a more step by step on how to achieve the above? or if someone could help me? :slight_smile:

@DITPL sorry I’ve been MIA. I haven’t pursued this further. I have too many wishes and not enough time to get them all done :frowning: Happy Holidays

If I am looking to just control on/off on my Roku, is this integration still acceptable?

I just want to be able to turn off the device really when I leave the house. Single dad here and want to conserve energy!

Thank you in advance for the help!

You can link smarthings to google home and it actually will completely control your roku by voice…when adding the roku, go to the "works with google area and type roku in the search bar at the top…link and done

How beholden are you to smartthings exclusivity? Google Home can control your roku tv, and shut it off automatically via buitin Home/Away Routines very simply with no additional apps or webhook hoopla.