Control a light with no physical switch in a ceiling j-box

I want to a dim, turn off and on an LED light, but there is no physical light switch. I want to control this completely via Smarthings and Alexa. It is only 11 watts. I do have Neutral wire, so this is not an issue. This is going into a j-box, not a can light so I have limited space. I have looked at both FIBARO Z-WAVE PLUS DIMMER 2 FGD-21 and Aeotec Nano Dimmer. But both seem to want an external switch to program it, which I don’t have or want.

You can use the aeotec nano. I use it to control a light in a fan that has no physical switch. The only time I needed to touch it was when I paired it to SmartThings. I control it via echo and it has been fine for over a year now.


the nano’s / modual’s can take a switch but dont need one, the modual have a little button on which you can press to pair etc

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Thanks got it all working! Alexa and App control only at this point.
I may turn it on/off with my other z-wave switches in the room, to make it look like the physical switch controls it.

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