Control 3-speed Ceiling Fan and Light Kit?


That would be great. Too bad aeotec has a bad habit of making product announcements years before they’re ready, if ever.

I wonder if it will come out before or after the nano dimmer module which has been “coming in 2016” since, well, 2015?

Or will it be more like the smart window film that they totally shelved two years after it was “coming soon” on their website?

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Hey do the z-wave 3 speed ceiling fans work with any ceiling fan? what’s the wiring like to control all 3? i have a pull chain currently but looking for options to add a remote to it…



I don’t recommend the Zwave Fan control device unless you don’t have a light because it’s only fan speed. Instead check out this Zigbee Fan/Light controller along with its remote control options. it’s the one I recommend today and added it to my pull chain fan.

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I am wiring in two GE Smart Switches to control my fan and the light on the fan. I am using the GE Smart Fan (model 14287) control switch and a GE Smart Dimmer (model 14294). I have them wired up and working. Just want to validate that I have the wiring done correctly.

The switch with the red traveler wire in it is the dimmer switch (GE 14294) for the light on the fan. I ran a pigtail from the power in (line) to the line terminal and am then using the red wire (load) to carry the power to the light. The white wire is a pigtail from the neutral bundle. The black wire with the yellow tape on it is line in - power from the circuit breaker box. I ran two pigtails from the line in wire to supply power to each switch.

The other switch is the Smart Fan control switch and it is wired with power from the power pigtail bundle to line in, the other black wire is load to the fan motor, and the white is neutral.

Both switches have ground pigtails attached from the ground bundle.

Look correct? It does work properly.

Sounds good to me.

The red wire in this case is not a traveler of course.

How did you wire this up to gain independent control of the light and fan? I must have done it wrong since both devices control everything. I have Romex 14/2 running from wall switch to fan.

Did you have 14/3 or 14/2 wiring in your wall? What is the red wire connected to on the other end? I’m trying to do this but can’t get them to control separately.

If you have wire power coming into the switch box, I would have them independently powered and then 14/3 running to the fan which is two hot one neutral and one ground the fan should have a blue black and white and ground or something like that with two wires being hot one for the light power one for fan power and neutral to neutral and one for the ground

Are there solutions to keep a 1 gang box and not have to use a 2 gang while still being able to make the both the light + dimmer smart and the fan speed? Looking at options to having to cut two gang boxes across the house since I currently have Hampton Bay 1 Gang with 2 sliders across the entire house.

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It used to be a chandelier so it was powered by 14/2 W/ground

Are there any options yet (Sept 2019)

I installed a Hampton Bay Universal Smart 4-speed ceiling fan remote, but I only have a 3-speed hunter fan. Is this dangerous? I ask because the light seems to work fine.

The fan makes a loud noise on speed four, but I always just quickly turn it down to speed three.