Control 230V Gate Motor with US Z-Wave device?

Hi there,

I’m trying to control the motor of my Garage door with a Z-Wave device. Unfortunately the motor is a little different to the normal garage door openers you can find everywhere in the US.
It’s an Italian model called Gaposa Split 60.

The motor is connected to a single-phase control panel.
The control panel receives remote control signals, that’s how I can control the door. There is no wall switch, keypad or anything like that. Only the remote.

My best chance is probably to connect a Z-Wave device to this control panel, and not directly to the motor.

I only have 2 problems:

  1. The Panel as well as the motor use 230V (european products). So I’d need some Z-Wave switch for 230V with US frequency.
  2. I’m not sure how I’d have to connect the switch. I have an idea but I don’t really want to try stuff out and end up damaging the Z-Wave device or even the motor.

So I’m hoping someone here has had a similar problem or simply has more of a clue of all of this then myself.

The available connections look like this.
As far as I understand it, there terminals 8 and 10 are to connect a wall switch (which I could control with a Z-Wave device).

There are also some exemplary connections listed. In the most simple one (without safety edges), there is a NO pushbutton connected to the terminals 8 and 10 (it’s indicated as optional)

Here’s the manual:

I’m hoping someone can help. :neutral_face:

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Thank you Robin,
I use the Remotec Dry Contact module for other purposes so that whould work I guess.
I can get the Fibaro FGS-213 which is the Single Switch 2. Is that the one you mean?

The remotec has a parameter where you can change the external switch type (in my case to momentary).
I’ll probably try it with this one and a relay since I already have these parts here.

okay I understand. I’ve never used the output, only the dry contact input.