Continuous Monitoring & Changing Light Level Based on Illuminance Levels (when triggering lights by motion)?

Where I have motion triggered lights, I would like to have them turn on at varying light levels based on current luminance.

If motion is detected and luminance is X, turn on light at X level
If motion is detected and luminance is Y, turn on light at Y level
If motion is detected and luminance is Z, turn on light at Z level
-and so on-

I know this must be possible somehow, but I’m not up on coding enough yet.
Has anyone else done this?

I know there are thread titles about turning on lights based on luminance, but I don’t just want a simple setup where it turns on IF luminance is X. I want different levels to be possible depending on luminance.

I would also like it to continue monitoring, and change the light level if the luminance changes.
I see how this could be problematic though…as soon as the light comes on in the room, it would change the luminance in the room.
So, I assume it would need to have at least two different luminance sensors involved; one in the room, and one outside, or something like that.

Ideas…Threads anybody?

try autoDimmer, it manages dimmer levels when the dimmers are turned on with a per dimmer option to change levels in real time.

You setup your motion activated lights via other apps like smart lighting, then use this to modify the dimmer levels based on illuminance readings.

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wow. that sounds great! thanks, Mike.
I will check it out for sure…

Has anyone noticed that Smart Lighting does a test for ambientLight? There was some intent there…
8:55:57 AM: trace ambientLightOK = true

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It’s in there as a trigger, like motion, contacts ect…

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One more question…and this may need to go elsewhere (and I’m sure it’s already in a thread, just haven’t looked, and I wanted to toss this out)…

With the motion sensor I’m using for this particular testing (Aeon Multisensor, old version, the 4-in-1), I have read on here that the shortest interval you can set it to check for illuminance is 4 minutes. Is that really the case?

There have been a number of times when I turn off a light in the hall that had been on for a while, and then step over into the bedroom where it’s dark (it’s dark in the hall and in the bedroom now that I’ve turned off the hall light), and the motion-triggered night light doesn’t come on. I check, and see that it is still reporting the level of illuminance that it sensed while the hall light was still on. Of course, after the appropriate amount of time (4 minutes), it turns on with motion.

So, is that just the case with this particular sensor, and I need to get better ones for this kind of thing, or is there something else that can be done to force it to update itself sooner than 4 minutes?