Continuous Connection Failed error

(Ron S) #1

Continuously getting connection failed errors for the last few minutes…

Rebooted… Dashboard is just spinning wheel…

(Mike Maxwell) #2

Yea, its gone now, but things went all stupid for about 10 minutes…

(Ron S) #3

Yeap… Working now… I am so dreading christmas eve and Christmas. Hope all is well and ST support gets a break!

(Mike Maxwell) #4

I think we’ll be fine, the North Koreans will have taken down North America’s internet, support will have nothing to do…

(Geko) #5

Sure, I feel totally safe now. :slight_smile: But seriously, with more and more people connecting their HVAC, water heaters. garage doors and security systems to Smart Things, I cannot even imagine the amount of real physical damage that can be inflicted by hacking SmartThings servers.


I am having this issue tonight. Trying to swap out a motion sensor and I can’t even get a SmartApp to load so that I can remove the motion sensor from it.

Just sent a complaint email to support. I am running out of patience with this platform.

(Ron S) #7

It happened to me couple of days back for several hours. And on a good day, for a few minutes. Hold on tight…

(Geko) #8

Yeah, this kind of error happens to me a lot too. That and a spinning wheel that goes for 30-40 seconds or sometimes never stops. Restarting the app helps sometimes, but it’s really annoying.