Continued Outages

The continuing outages are getting increasingly frustrating, especially since they are some how breaking schedules and routines. It seems like at least once a month I’m having to reschedule a routine or lighting automation and/or having to completely remove and recreate automations.

I’d love to recommend ST to friends and family, but I have to spend way too much time fiddling with it to keep things working properly for me to be comfortable recommending it to someone like my mother.

If nothing else, increased transparency would go along way to easing the frustration. I realize a status report is available and that outages are reported, but what’s causing them? “A backend change” is not enough information when the outages are so common.

It seems like ST is putting more emphasis on growth and new customers than on reliability for existing customers.


SmartThings is actually juggling both. But the paradox of corporate growth is in play. SmartThings is hiring across the board… It is somewhat easier to hire marketing and business development resources than technical and engineering. So organically, growth outpaces the scalability of the product.

The last 3 months (i.e., Hub V2, App V2, etc.) proved that there’s no easy solution to scaling. Lots of people thought that local processing in Hub would auto-magically stabilize the platform. Eventually… Sure.

But reigning in the growth horse that’s out of the barn isn’t particularly easy. Lots of conflicting priorities have to be negotiated.

I think it can be managed much better than it is. If there are stability issues in the product that management wants fixed, then they should prioritize stability fixes of new features. More QA resources should be put into play. The networks should be segmented and rollouts should be done in waves rather than all at once. The fact that there is still “scheduled downtime” is a salient fact. Mission critical applications do not get scheduled downtime. Period. The fact that ST still does it tells me they don’t put the same level of importance on their service that many of their users do.

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All valid points. And, forgive me, but all are completely obvious…

This is a duplicate “complaints & suggestions” post as one that appears every week or two on the Forum.

SmartThings is plenty aware of what’s broken. It’s up to them to decide how to fix it and whether or not that impacts their market growth strategy. Nearly zero of the Community recommendations over the past 2 years have been visibly implemented. Some suggestions have been rolled into features that aren’t designed as we hoped.

But we keep yelling at the box anyway… Myself included.