Continual Reminders of open contact

I am new to the community, and apologize if this has been answered, and I could not find the answer.

I installed a smartthings Multi sensor this spring on my garage door. I read an article telling me how to go into GRAPH website, change the device type and I would not need to magnatic sensor. Worked like a charm. I configured it (somehow, I can no longer replicate) to alert me if the garage door is open. It would then continually, and unrelentley, tell me, Garage door still open…

I am unable to replicate that feature on a ever spring door sensor at my Wife’s Office. I can set it for a one time alert, say, after 5 minutes of the door being open. How do I configure to renin me it’s open UNTILL it is closed ?


Here is a link to what you’re looking for: You Left It Open SmartApp