Contingency Plan for ADT Water Leak Detectors' DTH

Hey everyone,

So recently I finished transferring over my my ADT ST Water Leak Sensors from my ADT ST Hub over to my Aeotec Hub. Everything went well, and had no issues getting them to pair with my new hub…VERY pleasant surprise to find out the Water Leak Sensors are regular Zigbee, not the ADT 900mhz connection like my other devices from them.

Ssoo, my question/concern; come June when they phase out/shut down access to the ADT ST Hub, I am worried they may remove the ADT brand and device selection from the ST App. Currently I’m using the ADT ST device handler (Nortek Water Leak Sensor). Is there any way to make a copy of this published DTH before it’s possibly removed? Or, as an alternative, does anyone know of an alternate Device Handler that works with these leak detectors?

As always, thank you for any input or help.

You should be just fine. Even if they removed the brand logo from the device selection list, you would rejoin the device using the Scan Nearby option and it would very likely pick up the same handler. That’s my speculation at least.


The device handler that mine are using is for a Nortek water leak sensor. I can’t remember if someone advised to use that one, or it defaulted to that, but I think these are not apt to lose function due to a possible future absence of a specific handler. I can only imagine any future generic/unified handler would cover the bases needed for this one, at least.


That’s the default one (the device is made by Nortek)

I wouldn’t be concerned about losing future control or being able to add this device.