Contemplating buying the hub

I’m currently running a Veralite with a small number of z-wave devices:

TKBHome TZ68 appliance plugs
Everspring SP814 presence sensors
Everspring HSM02 door sensors

I also have numerous Sonos zones & Nest for heating.

The Vera pretty much does what I want to do - lights on in the morning, lights off at night etc plus some voice announcements via Sonos.

I’m thinking of making the jump to SmartThings - not for any particular reason, but I like to play. Bonus would be fun with IFTTT & a nice app for my Apple Watch. I also am thinking of adding Hue in the future.

Any comments / advice? Thanks! :slight_smile:


One of the most powerful things about Smartthings is its ability to integrate with third-party systems using a protocol called OAuth. Everything from IFT TT to harmony universal remote to visual dashboards like smarttiles to rules engines like smart rules, etc.

This currently works only for US accounts. It’s supposed to work for UK accounts, but it turned out multi region authorisation fails because the third parties are being directed to the US servers and they can’t find the UK account there. Smartthings without this integration just isn’t the same system. Support is very aware of the issue, it is being worked on, but I wouldn’t even start evaluating the system until this problem is fixed.

Much discussion in the following topic (this is a clickable link):

Without wanting to turn it into a duplicate of the other thread, given the huge nature of the issue, have Samsung put any time frames on when this is likely to be fixed?

No timeframe has been given other than that they consider it a top priority and they’re working on it. It obviously hasn’t been easy to fix, as the problem was evident the first day of the launch. You will find comments from ST staff in the other thread, it’s probably best to continue the conversation there.


Thanks for the very nice reply JD.

IFTTT isn’t too important to me immediately (I guess it will work in the future).

If my devices work without too much faffing, that would be a bonus.

actually they did put a timeframe on it as the end of October, they just failed to meet that…

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In that case they’ve got a couple of weeks left before that deadline - let’s just give them a chance first.

Sorry, I’m confusing the matter, I meant September.

I would avoid investing in ST until they have their act together in the UK. Keep an eye on the forums for positive comments - when they start coming, come join us :wink: