Contact Sensor

Thanks for adding a temperature sensor to those! (Accelerometer is great too!)

I will be installing these on all the windows of my home to act as security sensors - but I love that they will also work as temperature sensors. I like the idea of being able to get an idea of the temperature throughout my home by sensors I will already have in place.

Granted - I will still have to adjust for the fact that the windows are a colder spot in the room… but it will at least give me a good idea of how the temperature is throughout the upstairs of my home and the basement rooms - and I can make vent adjustments accordingly.

Agreed Eric.

Now, I wonder if in the SmartApp we’ll be able to “group” temp sensors for reporting purposes?  If I have two or three in my sons room and two or three in my daughters room, it would be nice to put them in a group labeled: Son’s room.  Additionally, that could show the average of those sensors.