Contact Sensor Status Alert Triggered By Another Device?

Hi, does anyone know if there is any smart apps that allow conditional sending push notifications / controlling devices when a contact sensor is closed based on the status of another contact sensor? I would like to setup an alert when the garage door is closed, if one of the other doors in the house are opened / not shut completely, it will send me an alert before I drove off from the house. Is this possible with any existing smart apps or should I create my own?


If I understand what you’re asking for, you want to get a notification if the garage door is closed while a different door is still open?

If so, the smartthings official features don’t have a “while” clause, but Core (community’s own rules engine) does. It’s a very sophisticated rules engine smart app that allows for multiple stacked conditionals.


Thanks @JDRoberts - I’ve actually tried CoRE last night but couldn’t figure out how to send push notifications when setting up the piston. Do you know where I can find the push notification option? Thanks!

The folks in the following thread will be glad to help you with anything related to CoRE. :sunglasses: