Contact Sensor open, makes lights flash red

(George P.) #1

Hi all. Been getting my feet wet with smartthings and really enjoying it. Today I put a contact sensor on an outside gate and when it is open longer than 5 minutes I would like it to turn on the strip lights in my kitchen to red. If the door gets closed then I would like the lights to turn off. I am wanting this to stop my dog from her all to frequent escapes. (don’t want to put an arrival sensor on her as she does not wear a collar in the house) I can seem to get part of this working but not all of it. Any suggestions. I am hoping it does not have to be in the security setting cause I do not want to worry about armed, unarmed etc… as I do not have any other security sensors/

(Chris) #2

Sounds like a job for CoRE.

(Realy Living Dream) #3

You can do that in SHM. I have that exact setup for my fridge/freezer doors. If door is open 5 minutes it turns lights on red, sends out a push and SMS notification.
Open Smart Home Monitor , click on settings/configure then select custom