Contact sensor on or off status check


I would like to know using node js sdk how I could simply check the current on (open) or off (closed) value on a multicontactsensor? I don’t want to subscribe to the event handler, I just need to do adhoc checks on contact sensor open or close state. What is it nodejs sdk function/code doing this?


Hi, @rmazur

You can either track the component state/status or the capability state/status as following:

.updated(async (context, updateData) => {
  // track by component
  await context.api.devices.getComponentState( ... );
  // track by capability
  await context.api.devices.getCapabilityState( ... );

Thank you Erick.

One more question: For this simple requirement, should I use @smartthings/core-sdk instead? Or is @smartthings/smartapp still recommended package?

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For these requests, is ok if you only use the SmartThings Core SDK and a personal access token to authenticate your requests.

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Great! Thanks again Erick.

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Anytime, @rmazur.

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