Contact Sensor no longer showing up in Home Monitor after updating to Edge Driver

I have a couple Sengled SMART Window & Door Sensors that I use in my Home Monitoring. I have been slowly updating my devices to Edge and yesterday removed and then onboarded these sensors using the new Edge driver. However, after doing those, these devices no longer show up as sensors in the Home Monitor section of the ST app. Anyone else exopereiceing this or have experienced this and what’s the solution? Are there Edge Drivers specifically for the Sengled Smart Window and Door Sensor? Thanks

I have had sengled window/door sensors for the past few months that are fine in STHM.

I bet you do not have all sensors selected and are individually selecting which sensors to use. Go into STHM settings (the cog) and select the sensors you removed and rejoined. That should resolve the issue :slight_smile:

check in both Away and Stay sections if needed

Thanks for the reply. However, when I go into STHM it’s not showing me any sensors to add. It says “You don’t have any devices that can be used for the monitoring yet. Try adding a mention sensor, open/closed sensor, or multipurpose sensor.”

I don’t get it … when I converted my leak sensors to Edge, they showed up right away in STHM.

what are you clicking on so I understand where you are looking? screenshot?

are you looking under View Sensors? or are you clicking on the cog, select Security and looking under Set up Sensors?

Got it!!! Thanks for your help!!! In the cog under Home Monitor, I hadn’t selected actually selected which contact closure it should use … I had clicked into the “Monitor Access” section. thanks for your help! You saying “cog,” triggered everything!