Constantly get msg "You are already in the same location as [tracker]"

I cannot seem to get navigate to work at all. Just keep getting the same msg “You are already in the same location…”

I have purposely moved the smarttag2 to different locations (e.g. apartment next door, 5 floors above, across the street, 2 blocks away etc.) and I still get the same message.

I have reset it/battery out, reinstalled app, everything but still the same frustrating msg. I would love to see it work at least once but I don’t know what else to try.

I get that message when I try to Navigate to a tag that is also close enough to use Search nearby on. When the tag is further away, Navigate actually fires up Google Maps (on Android) and gives you the ‘Directions’ (in Google Map speak) to the approximate location of the tag.

I can’t test for a middle ground where you don’t see Search nearby but still get that message when you use Navigate. I can imagine there could be one, but if there is I wouldn’t like to be the person who had to define the threshold.

Can I just confirm that you are using Navigate when Find has a reasonable idea on where the tag is? Meaning when you do abandon the tag ‘2 blocks away’ that is indeed where Find thinks it is, and not still relatively close by.

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