Connection with Arduino shield

Good morning,
Should anybody please send the information in order to create a sketch in Arduino for sending alarms to Smarthings? I mean the connection protocol and the connection information.
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Cristiano Dall’Olio

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If you’re wanting to develop an integration using the newest, ST API, then please take a look at the following explanation from @jody.albritton for building direct-connected devices. This solution does not require a ST hub at all. Your microcontroller would talk directly to the ST Cloud API.

If you have a hub, and want to incorporate Arduino-attached sensors and actuators with SmartThings, you may want to take a look at my ST_Anything project. But be forewarned, the ST Groovy IDE will be going away some time in 2021. I have no idea what that will mean for ST_Anything as it currently relies on the Groovy DTH model for its integration.

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