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Connection to Domoticz defined devices like Blinds and On/Off switches


(Martin Verbeek) #664

Hi Rob, if you go to the logging of ST in the ide, do you see messages about the temperature appearing? In domoticz you would see notification sent successful. The httpActionUrl is the url that takes care of the reporting back into ST app. If you copy paste it into a webbrowser, you can check if it is having the right auth.

example of ST Log entry for temp sensor…

[eventDomoticz] SENSOR 1154 Temp 15.2

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(Rob) #665

Hi Martin, Yes it seems they are a appearing in ST.

(Martin Verbeek) #666

recreated the issue. Could you update to V7.16, this should fix it. thanks for the help.

(Rob) #667

No, thank you Martin! Yes that has sorted it working perfectly now.

(Dick) #668

I just installed Domoticz Server. The aim is to control RFXCOM devices installed on my Domoticz system. According the IDE log there is some communication going during setting up the app. The log shows that my RFXCOM devices are found. But the log shows at lot of errors like:

These are logs when clicking the “Add all selected DeviceTypes or those in selected Rooms” setting. I assume that those devices have to be displayed in the next screen during setup. But no list is shown.

Do I do something wrong?

Regards, Dick

(Dick) #669

Got the same messages with Scenes: UnknownDeviceTypeException: Device type ‘domoticzScene’

When I exclude those devices (Scenes and On/Off) then no error occurs, but again no List of devices pop up. An empty list now is probably meeting expectations, except for a P1 smart meter no other ‘Devices’ are present in Domoticz.

(Martin Verbeek) #670

You should also add the device type handlers that are in this repo. Please add them all, does not hurt but will prevent future errors. See the wiki link at the start of this thread.

Have fun.

(Dick) #671

Oops :roll_eyes:. Thank you Martin! That was indeed the cause of the errors. Sorry for raising the question. Nice programming btw with log trace sentences etc.

Regards, Dick

(Dick) #672

I am trying to get the reading of the Dutch smart P1 gas, volt and power metering. In Domoticz I have a data log of many months, so it would be nice to see it in ST. When I walk through the code of Domoticz Server, I see a lot of promising code for Power and Gas :smiley:.

In Domoticz Server the P1 Power is ‘recognised’ as a switch, obviously not right. The P1 Voltage is ‘recognised’ I suppose because no error or info is returned during listing the devices, but I can’t find it in ST :thinking:. The Gas is not ‘recognised’ as stated in the output log :frowning_face:.

The output log lists that the Gas metering is a SwitchTypeVal=1. This value is not picked up by Domoticz Server. I think it’s a “domoticzSensor” and as such should be present as child device “domoticzSensor Gas Meter” in the Device Handler of “domoticzSensor”.

I think the same is valid for the P1 Power and maybe for the P1 Voltage as well.

Am I thinking in the right direction? Sometimes it’s better to ask first than to spend a lot of time in changing the code :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

Regards, Dick

(Martin Verbeek) #673

Could you get me the output of these domoticz devices? Command is like /json.htm?type=device&rid=idx to your server.

met vriendelijke groeten,


(Martin Verbeek) #674

Sensors that report utility values can be assigned to another device in the create composite devices section of the app. Take a look in the wiki first to see if you can use it. It might work out of the box

(Dick) #675

The power metering:

The voltage metering:

The gas metering:

I’ll look in the wiki of composite devices, thanks.

Regards, Dick

(Martin Verbeek) #676

Gas might work as it has the right subtype. Enable power report devices under composite.
Voltage is not used.
App normally uses another subtype for power, in will add this one and see what happens. Check back tomorrow for new version on GitHub

(Dick) #677

Wow, ok, thanks, I am curious,

Regards, Dick

(Martin Verbeek) #678

V7.17 on git. Also have a new version for DTH domoticzPowerReport from repo.

Before updating, please disable Create Utility Report Devices under Create Composite devices if you enabled it.
Remove “Gas Reporting Device” and “Power Reporting Device” in smartthings.
Remove the switches that have been accidently created (your P1 metering devices) in SmartThings.
Remove the notifications that have been set by the app on these devices in domoticz.

Go into the app and enable Utility Report Devices, Next and Save. Wait a few minutes to have the app settle.
Go back in and you now should see the Power and Gas Reporting devices under create composite devices. Click on add capabilities and select your P1 power device for Power and your P1 Gas for Gas Reporting Device. Save this.

If my logic is wrong with respect to the Energy subType it will not show as a selectable capability in the above scenario, so please have the live log running if any errors will show.

I need to do some cleaning up as well, it was a bit more cumbersome than i thought.

(Dick) #679

Hi Martin, it looks you did quite some changes :muscle:. I followed your instructions I think as good as possible. I got a lot of errors. I thought, I remove the app, remove all notifications in Domoticz and install the new version. Sadly, the results were the same. In short:

  1. The errors

These errors are probably related to kWh meters of the z-wave switches. Because I see now ‘=graph’-s of those switches, while in V7.16 they were not there.

The log file of all these z-wave kWh-metering switches have the same error:

  1. No PAGE available for composite devices, so I cannot add capabilities etc.
  2. Is it possible tochange the words ‘power’ into ‘gas’ at lines 1432, 1433, 1455 and 1456?
  3. The other (rest) of IDX work (still) well! Nonetheless I revert to V7.16 until I understand what I did do wrong, and will I play with V7.17 to get me understand the program.

Anyway, thanks for all your efforts!
Regards, Dick

(Martin Verbeek) #680

thx for the feedback, will start to work through these.

point 3 cannot be done, i try to stick to existing capabilities in ST. the unit will change in cubic M, but that currently is it…

what do you mean with no page available for composite devices?

the =graph are child devices that are created when i want a graph on a device…the errors you have are they on the device?

(Dick) #681

I did again a fresh install of the app this morning:
The first set of errors shown yesterday (always in sets of two) are in the log of Domoticz Server; they showed up again. And they showed up after pressing the Save button in the app.

The second error (the one with the possible solutions sentence) is from a log of a z-wave kWh-metering switch, and is always the same for all the “=Graph”'s. In the given print above in ‘Tuin rest=Graph’. These errors do not happen after the first ‘Save’. When opening the app again, and do some clicking around with ‘Add all selected …’ and ‘List Installed …’ and then pressing ‘Save’, they pop up (again).
I think it’s good to mention that the belonging switch, in this case ‘Tuin rest’, does also pop up a error:

Almost similar to the =Graph one, with slightly different ‘solution’ sentence. But when I look at the times, it appears to be that the errors are raised after ‘Adding capability Graph’.

The page defined by ‘setupCompositeSensors’ doesn’t appear, maybe due to no ‘listSensors’? The list of installed devices includes indeed no P1 metering (power nor gas). (Also not in the V7.16 version.)

OK, so the event ‘powerTotal’ is a ST thing?

Regards, Dick

(Martin Verbeek) #682

Are the graph devices appearing as seperate devices in the things overview?

Power total was a custom attribute, I am getting rid off these, it exists in 16 but no more in 17.

Will do some digging tomorrow.

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(Dick) #683

No I don’t think so, if you mean if =graphs -devices are in the list with devices, like ‘Tuin rest’. The ‘Tuin rest’ is listed in ST in the device list, the ‘Tuin rest=Graph’ not. The next info is presented in ST when I click on ‘Tuin rest’:

It shows some ‘usage’ graphics.

Have a nice day.
Regards, Dick