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Connection to Domoticz defined devices like Blinds and On/Off switches

(Martin Verbeek) #510

This one should work like a normal on off switch. Is that what you are
looking for?

met vriendelijke groeten,


(Mike) #511

With the switch set to ‘M’

“ActTime” : 1519999411,
“ServerTime” : “2018-03-02 14:03:31”,
“Sunrise” : “06:52”,
“Sunset” : “17:46”,
“result” : [
“AddjMulti” : 1.0,
“AddjMulti2” : 1.0,
“AddjValue” : 0.0,
“AddjValue2” : 0.0,
“BatteryLevel” : 255,
“CustomImage” : 0,
“Data” : “Group Mood 4”,
“Description” : “”,
“Favorite” : 1,
“HardwareID” : 1,
“HardwareName” : “RFXtrx433”,
“HardwareType” : “RFXCOM - RFXtrx433 USB 433.92MHz Transceiver”,
“HardwareTypeVal” : 1,
“HaveDimmer” : true,
“HaveGroupCmd” : true,
“HaveTimeout” : false,
“ID” : “F29D3E”,
“Image” : “Light”,
“IsSubDevice” : false,
“LastUpdate” : “2018-03-02 14:02:03”,
“Level” : 0,
“LevelInt” : 0,
“MaxDimLevel” : 32,
“Name” : “Front Bedroom Mood Switch”,
“Notifications” : “true”,
“PlanID” : “3”,
“PlanIDs” : [ 3 ],
“Protected” : false,
“ShowNotifications” : true,
“SignalLevel” : 5,
“Status” : “Group Mood 4”,
“StrParam1” : “”,
“StrParam2” : “”,
“SubType” : “LightwaveRF”,
“SwitchType” : “On/Off”,
“SwitchTypeVal” : 0,
“Timers” : “false”,
“Type” : “Lighting 5”,
“TypeImg” : “lightbulb”,
“Unit” : 16,
“Used” : 1,
“UsedByCamera” : false,
“XOffset” : “0”,
“YOffset” : “0”,
“idx” : “165”
“status” : “OK”,
“title” : “Devices”

(Mike) #512

I am using them at the moment as on/off switches as that is the only way I can get them to work with ST. Unfortunately this means that most of the buttons are redundant.
In domoticz I could use scripts to perform actions using the “Group Mood #” status

(Martin Verbeek) #513

how many mood states can you have on a switch?

like mood 1…5?

(Mike) #514

6 Buttons
Group Mood 1 to 5
Group Off

(Martin Verbeek) #516

What other devices have you currently defined with this App into ST?
I am currently finishing a big change (started using a lot of device components to make it more dynamic), so depending on your current usage it might change thing a little.

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Xiaomi Yeelight RGBW E27
(Martin Verbeek) #517

I have unitial working mood switch support…just need to know what other devices you have selected from domoticz into smartthings!

(Peke) #518

Ive just installed it, i use it for now so i can turn on my yeelights and it works perfectly. tnx alot for the great work!

(Vincent Arancio) #519

Hello all,

I install the SmartApp and configure with IP port and URL
Valid settings in Domotics ok but I have error

20:08:52: error Resync failed, code=429
20:08:52: error [addSwitch] Cannot create child device. null Error: Device type ‘domoticzBlinds’ in namespace ‘verbem’ not found.
20:08:51: error [addSwitch] Device Camera offline

I’m in UK server and install it’s boring.
I supose I need to install also all devices ? (Handlers)
How I can install all fast ?


(Martin Verbeek) #520

Hi Vincent, from which repository are you installing. I have changed the repository no too long ago to have all needed stuff in one place. Use the repo below, and just add all apps and devices, there are many, as i am now using a lot of child component devices that kick in when needed.


if you use the method above, select all and select publish at the same time, it should be pretty quick.

(Vincent Arancio) #521

Hi dudz40,
in UK IDE we don’t have Github :frowning:
I have an US account to use Github install and I copy past the code in UK interface, my mistake I only copy the smartapps code and forgot the 25 devices handlers.

(Martin Verbeek) #522

No kidding,! I had the system before it came to Europe, so a US based hub, never knew there was no GitHub integration… based in the Netherlands. Any questions or things you like, give a shout.

(Vincent Arancio) #523

It’s perfect, I created manually the 25 devices handlers and it’s just amazing it’s work.
Now I can use my Google Home easily (without virtual device with get .json and without Controlicz)

Great job !

I have just an error in log, but not sure it’s Domoticz Server

Resync failed, code=429

Thank you for this solution again.

(Martin Verbeek) #524

Pretty sure it is not mine…

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(Gareth) #525

@dudz40 - thanks for pulling this together. Was a bit of a struggle to follow the exact steps but got there in the end. I had the Invalid URL notification pop up despite everything working fine with the device. This may already exist but thought it would be handy to have a step by step summary - so here it goes…

Setting up Yeelight Colour light running through Domoticz Server on Raspberry PI:

  1. Installed Domoticz on my raspberry pi - - make a note of the IP and Port of the Domoticz server. When entering this you should get the Domoticz interface which shows it is up and running as expected.

  2. Add repo to Smartthings IDE and install the Smartapp - I also manually installed the device types too (selecting only those relevant for the device I wanted to install but assume you could also add them all

  3. Follow the steps in the wiki to setup the Smartapp:

  4. Get hold of the custom URL at the bottom of the smartapp and make note of it.

  5. Go back to Domoticz and there is one area which needs editing:

    • Setup --> Settings --> Custom HTTP/Action --> Enable it --> Paste the Custom URL in the URL/Action
  6. Now I’m not sure if this is required but I created my Yeelight manually in Domoticz by going to Setup --> Hardware and then added the Yeelight LED device type. At this point I could see the status of the device responding to changes I had made in the native Yeelight app.

  7. I went back to the Domoticz Smartapp and then generated the device in Smartthings. Checked in the IDE and I noticed a new device was generated.

  8. Checked the device in Smartthings app and was then able to control the Yeelight - on/off/dimmer/colour

Thanks again for setting this up - super helpful to have proper control of the Yeelight device in Smartthings

PS: If any of these steps don’t work, let me know where I’ve missed and I’ll update this post.

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(Martin Verbeek) #526

Thx Gareth. Under 5, there is no need for the second setup. I am using notifications going back into SmartThings with the customUrl endpoint, but only the http/action is needed. This is in the Wiki.
I am changing the app to have the customUrl copyable from the interface. When creating this I only had a normal browser in mind and copy it from the ST IDE into Domoticz.

(Martin Verbeek) #527

V7.03 is now on Github, customUrl is copy/pastable, als you can now hit external url to bring you to the Domoticz Setup page.

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(Gareth) #528

Just updated and like the ability to copy/paste. I wanted to let you know that I’m getting the push notification when I open the smartapp despite everything with the device working as expected. What is driving this push notification to be displayed? What is it validating?

(Martin Verbeek) #529

Could you paste the notification for me?

(Martin Verbeek) #530

almost there to have this completely automated…