Connecting to Ring and Smartthings

Is it possible to connect the Schlage Smart Connect Deadbolt to Ring and SmartThings at the same time? I am not having any luck doing this. I have to reset and it will connect to the first one I try either Ring or SmartThings but will never let me connect to a second.

By “connect to Ring” do you mean “connect to the ring security base system”?

In that case, you are correct: it has to be one or the other.

What specifically were you trying to accomplish? You can get a partial integration between the two systems via gmail and Ifttt, for example.

Thats correct to the Ring Security System. I have the Schlage Smart Connect Deadbolt on the main door but there is a security door in front of that and the Schlage Smart Connect Deadbolt would be too big so I need to go with a smaller option. The problem is a lot of the smaller options dont work with Ring Security System so to manage locking and unlocking the door I wanted to just do it through the Smartthings App since there is broader compatibility with devices.