Connecting Samsung Refrigerator

I hope this is easy. I have a ST hub with Z-wave devices. 10-12 devices connected. All in the same ‘room’ (Study - location of the hub).
Just bought a Samsung Refrigerator. Connected to ST perfectly.
Fridge connected and assigned to ‘Study.’ Here is my problem. Now, ‘Study’ contains only 1 device - the fridge. That’s the list when I go to the hamburger - top left - and select ‘rooms.’ If I go to the hamburger - top left - and select ‘All devices,’ all my devices appear, including the fridge, although it’s ‘room’ is listed as ‘kitchen.’ I see an option to move devices to another room, but I can’t figure out how to do it. How do I get all devices to show under 'study?

From the “All Devices” view, select the device. From the device’s page, select the 3-dot at the top right, then Edit. Click on the Room then select the room. Back your way out.

If the Room(s) you want displayed on your Home Screen are not displaying, then from the Home Screen, select the 3-dot menu at the top right, then Edit. Check mark (left side) the rooms that you want to appear on the home screen.

Why do I have the feeling the OP is talking about locations instead of rooms

All the devices wouldn’t appear under Devices with multiple locations, would they?

Thanks. All Devices>Refrigerator>3 dots. There is no “edit.”
Home now shows all “Study” apps except “Refrigerator.”
FWIW, at the top of Home, I have “Directly Connected Devices,” and under that, two devices.
EDIT> actually, the “Refrigerator” has disappeared from the android ST app. Not under “Study” nor “All Devices.”