Connecting Laview Doorbell Camera to Smartthings

Hey Everyone!
I recently purchased a Laview Doorbell (
I know there isn’t any official support for it in Smartthings but just wondering if there are any custom handlers for it?
The only thing I need it for is to sound a zwave chime when the doorbell button is pressed (the chime is already connected to my smartthings hub)

It doesn’t seem to have any integrations. But it does do push notifications. So if you have an android phone, you can probably use two third-party apps, Tasker and sharptools, and tie it into SmartThings that way at least as far as reacting to its notifications. Other than that it looks like it has to be tied to an NVR unit for pretty much all the rest of its functionality. Do you have any other parts to their system?

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You could also tie it into Blue Iris for other parts of the integration (alerts, arming, motion detection) but I don’t recall seeing an integration for the doorbell presses with Blue Iris. To @JDRoberts point, you could use Tasker to capture the notifications from the stock Laview Android app and use SharpTools to push those into SmartThings.


Is that onvif?