Connecting Honeywell alarm to SmartThings

I’d like to connect my Honeywell Optima burglar alarm into SmartThings to set, unset and signal if it is set or going off. Has anyone manage to do this?

The Optima has Output for alarm state and another for the Set/Unset on the board.

These connections are used for adding equipment such as a SMS Text alerting device etc, which I have done.

So for MONITORING the Optima would it be ‘just’ a case of connecting to device such as the Fibaro Universal Binary Sensor ( UBS ), as that has 2 inputs ? One could be used for set/unset and the other for Alarm Triggered?

Anything wrong with that solution, anyone done this?

Suspect the ability to control the Optima from Smartthings is a bigger challenge and on the multiple threads I have read to date on this to try and find a solution seems to be the considered thinking is more on the line of Keep them separate for arming/disarming.

I am guessing that the NUTECH AD2USB family of devices is not a solution for this alarm board as well , the board has a external keypad option, not sure it is the type that would work.