Connecting Heatpump Nibe F1255 - Newbie help

I have been trying to use an old code from Petter Arnquist on my Nibe F1255, which he wrote for the Nibe F755 some years ago (Nibe heat pumps). As it seems he is not so active, I am looking for help to adapt this code. I am no programmer, so I cannot do this myself.

There are a couple of issues with the code from Petter, that I would like help to improve;

  1. This code is made for the old ST App, and does not show all values in the new app.
  2. The App/DH does not refresh its values automatically. New values are fetched from the Nibe API only when refreshed manually in the ST App. (and in the event logging, I see that the values are actually read from Nibe Uplink)
  3. My heatpump is waterbased and has no fan, hence no values availble for this. It also does not have an indoor sensor, so this value is just rubish.
  4. My main goal is to be able to set parameters also (is possible in the Nibe Uplink API

Anyone want help?