Connecting FS20Z-1 to Heavy Duty temperature control switch

Is the FS20Z-1 rated OK to be connected to this temperature control switch?

Type: 837 Series, Style A, Electro-Mechanical
Temperature Rating: -22 To 150 DEG F
Contact Configuration: SPDT
Contact Rating: 125 VA At 24 - 600 VAC, 57.5 VA At 115 - 230 VDC

Just to add a little more information. . .The temp control switch is a relay that controls an ice machine. It turns the machine on/off based off of tempurature of ice bin.

My goal is to be able to turn machine on/off with phone (manually and on a schedule) independently of temp control switch. I want to use the temp control switch as a means of hooking up the FS20Z-1.

Just to follow up - I wired these up both “wet” and “dry” and they work just fine :slight_smile:

It is an industrial application (ice machines run off of 3 phase) but it works just fine as all the switches in the machine run off of a single phase of the three phase and we used one of the legs to power the FS20Z1 as well.

Now I just need to figure out a bypass - i’ve been using my phone exclusively to power on/off the machines - but if network goes out I need to have a way to switch to manual.

also - looking for a good timer - so each time i turn on the switch I can set it for 5 hrs, 10 hrs, or whatever.

I did a search in the forum - One individual wrote a simple timer app I think? not sure.

I downloaded and am using core - as an emergency stop (if switch is on for 15 hours straight, turn off) but it doesn’t work well. It doesn’t seem to know which the machine is switched on/off consistently. so it emergency stops the machine at unexpected times. . .

You can create virtual switches for timer and use ST smart lighting for off timer (power allowance).

Thanks for the reply. In the app on my phone I clicked on smart light and I see the simple options and triggers. . .but not really understanding what this accomplishes. If I were to guess - it accomplishes my emergency off function. is that right? for example - it knows exactly when a switch is turned on - and can be used as a back stop to turn it off after 15 hrs. If I understand you right, this would replace my emergency off pistion I made in core. Is that right?

Here’s an example of the timer off in 60 minutes. Sync the virtual switch to your physical switch with smart lighting as well.

You could also use WebCoRE for better stability.

Thanks - that’s what I did - but I did it for 900 minutes.

Core cant seem to keep track of the mutliple on/offs during the day so didn’t function properly - i’m hoping this one does better.

also - I didn’t see an option to send me a text when it turns the ice machine off - i’m guessing thats not an option in the lighting app. . .

I’ve been using the texting option a lot as it helps me monitor what’s actually happening so I can fix it when it doesn’t work like I want it to - or if I want to turn the machine back on (for example).

I am moving most of my stuff from CoRE to WebCoRE and anything requires local processing stay with smart lighting. All my notifications or text are done with CoRE or webCoRE

Good to know - I’ll look into webcore later when I have time -

I’m new to all this. only a few weeks now since I purchased smart things hubb. . .

Welcome to the wonderful world of automation and one smartapp you really want to learn is WebCoRE. It’s simple yet probably the most powerful in Smartthings’ world.