Connecting flourescent kitchen lights

I have a panel (4) of flourescent lights in my kitchen. Is there a way to connect those to my hub? I realize I will probably have to switch over to LED lights, but can I use my existing fixture or go all in and replace the entire box? I want the ability to dim the lights. I am thinking this is all accomplished by replacing the switch? Is so, the lights are controlled by 2 switches on different walls. Can I accomplish this by replacing 1 switch?


I believe there’s smart switches that will work with fluorescents, just got to do a search. A second option, Homedepot sells these LED replacements for T8 and T12. So you don’t need to replace your housing and won’t need the balllast. They sell them in different sizes and lengths. Simple basic rewiring. There’s vids on Homedepot on how to do…
These seem to be the solution you’re looking for.