Connecting digital lock to smartthings connect home

I am going to use a digital lock that is not compatitable with smartthings home connect

The digital lock is able to run on its own app to open and close door.

I am not sure if i am missing any advantages if i will to purchase a digital lock that is compatitable with connect home.

Please advise. Thank u

Being able to report state and react to triggers within the home for one?

My locks automatically lock up every night when I tell the system goodnight and report any issues like jams. Successfully unlocking one of my locks from the keypad with one of three particular codes will also disarm my security system then set the home state to HOME which also kicks off other automated responses depending on the day of the week and time of day. The locks automatically unlock on a smoke detection.

Theres plenty of other examples, but you can see that having the systems tied together opens up lots of possibilities.

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Here are a few (assuming you app doesn’t support these features):

  1. Automatically lock the door when you leave the house and unlock when you arrive
  2. Automatically schedule codes on a one time, expire on, weekly or daily basis for domestic workers/guests
  3. Get notified when someone tries to tamper with your door or lock (some lock like the BE469 report this)
  4. Automatically check the state of the lock and lock it at night when you go to sleep
  5. Automatically unlock the door when a gas leak or smoke is detected
  6. Connect your entire house automation to individual user codes, when you unlock the door it disables the alarm, if it’s dark outside it turns on the lights, get Alexa or Sonos to welcome you to your home, if domestic help unlocks the house, disarm the security panel but leave the cameras on so you can track what’s going on in the house
  7. If someone enters a wrong code too many times (could be try to hack into your house), turn on the alarm, have your Bose BARK at them and send a SMS to you

…and loads more, the imaginations the limit :slight_smile:

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