Connect to new wifi

I’m going to move from my old WiFi setup to a new mesh solution, but in the app the option for change device WiFi network is greyed out (it’s not connected by cable).
Do I first setup the new wifi first? Does this only get available when hub has no connection?

Hi. Did you figure this out? I am embarking on the exact same thing… Does it change all devices too, or do I have to setup each device separately again?

I wanted to change from wifi to wired, and there was no setting to change for it so I just plugged in the cable and restarted it. The result was it was connecting with both and getting itself thoroughly confused and hopping on and offline all the time. Then having researched other users experience it turned out you can’t change the settings you started with unless you do a complete factory reset. I became a little less happy with it at that point.

I’m assuming everyone is talking about moving a Hub V3 to a new network and not talking about modifying access point settings on an ST WiFi.

This has a lot of conversation about getting the wifi updated: How to Update Smartthings Hub (2018) Wifi Settings? - #85 by barthib

I linked to a post that has a last-ditch workaround. You shouldn’t have to factory reset anything (that process uses the reset button just to make sure you have physical access to the hub, but it doesn’t actually “reset” anything, it just enables the API that lets the app change the wifi info).

You should first try waiting on the screen in the app with the greyed out option. It’s making some request to the cloud to decide something, and it seems that can sometimes take a really long time.

I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking, but it will only change the setting in the hub itself.