Connect Sensative Stripes Comfort?

I have bought two of those and paired it to day with my Smartthings hub v2 (Automatic)
The stripes is identified/registered as SmartSense Moisture. The data it shows is Temperature, battery status and Moisture= Dry but they should show Lux instead of Moisture.

I have just mailed sensitive but meanwhile waiting on the answer maybe some one here in the community has some experiences with this component and can help me?

Please help me.
Regards Johan

Here’s the devicehandler SmartThings is working on. I’d consider it a beta at this point, but give it a whirl

I tired to install the device but I got the following error: Run Locally Permission not allowed for DeviceType: 94b923ce-bf6f-4686-89c7-d53ac9addc35

I changed the runLocally: true to false and then I was able to create the device handler

…and the result…is…

It would be nice to get all the property’s to the driver

Thanks for the help!

Nice no I have a device…, but I cant use it for a automation or a scene in classic Smartthings. It is not visible in the different automations lists. But you can see its properties

The new version of Smartthings, if you click on the device you cant see its properties, nothing happens???
You can create an automation, but only with water, temperature and battery data, but not the lux.

Anyone have more information to proceed.

Use the Classic app

Sensative has now answered and recommend this driver:


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Make sure you’re reassigning the device handler for that specific device to the new handler that you installed. That’s done from the device’s settings page in the IDE.

Some screen shots

This product is probably not for me. My plan is to use the lux data to turn on and off lights instead of sunrise and sunset.

I think the Lux data from the stripes is not correct, and the reports to Smartthings isn’t frequently enough to be used.

It has following property
Temperature & Light reporting frequency 1 (Default)-Normal, 2-Frequent

I will change it to 2 instead and see how it is working. Wonder how much this will impact the life of the battery?

Logs with default reporting value:
2018-08-20 8:04:06.736 fm CEST
DEVICE illuminance 68 Temp/Lux Inne illuminance is 68 lux
2018-08-20 7:28:11.164 fm CEST
DEVICE illuminance 21 Temp/Lux Inne illuminance is 21 lux
2018-08-20 7:17:12.458 fm CEST
DEVICE illuminance 53 Temp/Lux Inne illuminance is 53 lux
2018-08-20 5:55:17.782 fm CEST
DEVICE WakeUp Auto Wakeup Temp/Lux Inne woke up
2018-08-20 2:07:44.437 fm CEST
DEVICE WakeUp Auto Wakeup Temp/Lux Inne woke up
2018-08-19 10:20:19.665 em CEST
DEVICE WakeUp Auto Wakeup Temp/Lux Inne woke up
2018-08-19 8:31:42.229 em CEST
DEVICE temperature 25.0 Temp/Lux Inne temperature is 25.0°C
2018-08-19 6:32:56.433 em CEST
DEVICE WakeUp Auto Wakeup Temp/Lux Inne woke up
2018-08-19 5:43:08.331 em CEST
DEVICE illuminance 23 Temp/Lux Inne illuminance is 23 lux
2018-08-19 3:14:42.115 em CEST
DEVICE illuminance 63 Temp/Lux Inne illuminance is 63 lux
2018-08-19 2:45:41.934 em CEST
DEVICE WakeUp Auto Wakeup Temp/Lux Inne woke up
2018-08-19 11:27:21.243 fm CEST
DEVICE illuminance 170 Temp/Lux Inne illuminance is 170 lux
2018-08-19 10:58:23.030 fm CEST
DEVICE WakeUp Auto Wakeup Temp/Lux Inne woke up
2018-08-19 10:35:29.375 fm CEST
DEVICE illuminance 64 Temp/Lux Inne illuminance is 64 lux
2018-08-19 8:53:49.361 fm CEST
DEVICE illuminance 139 Temp/Lux Inne illuminance is 139 lux
2018-08-19 7:11:03.128 fm CEST
DEVICE WakeUp Auto Wakeup Temp/Lux Inne woke up
2018-08-19 7:08:05.629 fm CEST
DEVICE illuminance 34 Temp/Lux Inne illuminance is 34 lux
2018-08-19 3:23:41.229 fm CEST
DEVICE WakeUp Auto Wakeup Temp/Lux Inne woke up
2018-08-18 11:36:38.857 em CEST
DEVICE WakeUp Auto Wakeup Temp/Lux Inne woke up
2018-08-18 8:36:29.736 em CEST
DEVICE temperature 25.9 Temp/Lux Inne temperature is 25.9°C
2018-08-18 7:49:37.592 em CEST
DEVICE WakeUp Auto Wakeup Temp/Lux Inne woke up
2018-08-18 7:47:40.091 em CEST
DEVICE illuminance 2 Stripes Comfort 2 illuminance is 2 lux

Hi @jsturess, there is another device handler here in the forum ([RELEASE] Strips Drip / Strips Comfort). It didn’t work for me. I was wondering if you tested the one you proposed in this page.
I tested the other device handler and it wasn’t reporting a water leak. Out of the box the Sensative Strips Drip is working and recognised but I have no idea how to get notifications in case of a leak.
The code you are proposing seems to be able to alert in case of leak, have you seen it sending a notification?perhaps you can define automation? I wanted to setup my flat to turn on all lights blue and send me a push notification on my phone in case a leak is detected. Unfortunately, if I try to create a routine, I don’t see any action that I can automate if the sensor is wet. Thank you.Giuseppe.

After enabling the water reporting interval did you wake the device up?

Hi @krlaframboise,
thanks for the response.
I did wake up the device and I even tested with water to see if the status was changing from dry to wet and that was happening but do you configure push notifications and automation based on the status of the device?
I tried to check all the triggers of a smartthings routine but the device doesn’t show up anywhere.

Thank you.

Are you using my DTH?

@krlaframboise I did and it does not work for me. Moreover, in the app UI the dry/wet status in not visible on my iPhone8.

Do you have the Strips Comfort or the Strips Drips?

Strips Comfort has water reporting disabled by default so you have to enable it in the settings and wake the device up.

If you want it to appear as a water sensor in the new mobile app you have to uncomment the vid:“generic-leak” line at the top and comment the other vid line.

All that being said, the Strips Comfort is not meant to be used as a water sensor and if it’s exposed to water for a prolonged period of time or is completely submerged in water it can damage the device.

It is the strips drip. I resolved without using any device handler. The new Samsung Smarrthings app is able to setup notifications. With the classic app I could see the device but I was not receiving any push notifications if water was detected.

That’s odd considering the Classic app seems to do everything better than the new app and I haven’t heard anyone else report that problem, except when they don’t dismiss the last alert in SHM, but I’m glad everything is working for you.

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@ [krlaframboise] I have installed using your DTH but I see nothing on the Classic app. Nothing has updated… How long before it reports? I have also used the magnet to wake it up, but nothing.

I got the Sensative Strips Comfort in December and got it up and running quickly enough, and used @krlaframboise‘s DTH to set it up better for my use. Then I set a SmartRules equation to turn on my 5000W garage heater if the garage temp drops below +10°C while the outside temp (on Sensative) is above -12°C (because I’m on a dual rate plan with my utility and the price per kWh quadruples below -12°C).

Winter wound down, the outside temps haven’t been below -12° since January, and the ambient temp in the garage has been above the inside sensor’s set point for a long time. This week has been crazy cold in Montreal, and the garage is around 8° and the heater hasn’t been coming on. I looked for the Sensative in the Classic app and it’s not there, no trace, and I guess when SmartRules did a sync after it disappeared, it erased there as well. In the IDE, the device doesn’t exist but the DTH is still there. I wouldn’t know when it vanished, so how do I check the logs?

And now I’ve tried the magnet 2-swipes-hold to get it to pair and the app never finds it. The LED on the strip goes out after about ten seconds.

Any ideas?

I don’t think there’s a way to figure out how the device got deleted from ST, but the device still thinks it’s connected to it so you have to perform a general exclusion to remove it or factory reset the device.

You can initiate the general exclusion from the hub utilities in the IDE, but you’ll have to check the manual for the exclusion procedure. The factory reset procedure should also be in the manual, if you decide to do that instead.