Connect Home Singapore version coming

Saw the news it landed in Singapore, guess it must be EU zwave frequency.

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Not necessarily. China is on the same Z wave frequency as the EU, but Singapore is not-- but it is on the same frequency as Korea. And SmartThings previously did a small pilot about 18 months ago on the Singapore/Korea frequency. So my guess is it’s not the same as EU.


Found it. It’s on the Singapore frequency, not the EU frequency, which makes sense since it’s going to be sold in Singapore. :sunglasses:

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right, or rather Korean frequency

Yes, they are the same, but it was certified for the Singapore region, which may be a legal requirement for sale there, I’m not sure.

Yep. It is the new Singapore frequency. Our review is here.


Hi, so anyone installed MCO Home panel and isn’t working well?

Saw a few people selling MCO Home panel at Carousell saw the Feq is 868 not sure will be work well for my Connect home or not.

Any advice?


home connect if Sg ver then different freq and it will not work.

Not sure if there’s driver for the MCO now, pls check the forum before you purchase.