Connect flush-mounted switch/dimmer to stepping switch

hello dear community,

Maybe someone here in the forum can help.

I have a Legrand stepper switch and a Moes Smart dimmer module.

I would like to connect a flush-mounted switch, but I don’t know exactly how. can you help me with the schematic?

Many Thanks

You should contact LeGrand support, but I am pretty sure those two devices are not compatible regardless of the wall switch used. The physics are different. :thinking:

A lighting dimmer works only for lighting, it works by changing the amount of current to the bulb. The current goes along the same pathway for all dim levels, there’s just more or less of it. Like turning up the heat on a gas stove.

A stepping switch is normally a uniselector relay motor control which transfers current along different physical pathways which then produce different motor behaviours.

But LeGrand support can tell you if a dimmer control will work with that stepper.