Connect 868.95 MHz device

I have a couple of shutters in my house which use the 868.95 MHz frequency.
How could I integrate theses devices with Smartthings.
I was thinking of using an arduino but I am not sure if it would be possible.

Does some one have any ideas?

Glad you asked this question! I’ve been looking at connecting a 2.4 GHz device and just bought some hardware for the setup. For my project I’m using an Arduino, ST shield, and a 2.4 GHz transceiver. Roughly, the plan is to first build a “listener” so I can capture the necessary transmit signals, then convert the system to a broadcast mode so I can fire off commands via ST. Technical inspiration is based on this blog post where someone figured out how to capture/broadcast 433 MHz signals:

Is this roughly how you imagined integrating the blinds?

Exactly but I can’t find an 868.95 MHz receiver