Confusion with Sonos using playTextAndResume\playTrack

Hi All,

I’m a little confused about how to control my Sonos speakers. I have two things I’m trying to do (in code).

  1. Speak a message. Which works using this command:

speaker.playTextAndResume(taskMessage, taskVolume)

  1. Start a Pandora Station, which works using this command:


The problem is if I do #1 then #2, the message in #1 repeats and it doesn’t play Pandora. If I play a different Pandora station and then do #2 it does retune to the right station.

I looked at the device in the IDE, the TrackData does show the correct station.

Any advice is appreciated

How do you play a pandora station with the playTrack command. Dont know how to get the “link” for stations and service, i only tried with links that ends as “.mp3” or “.wav”.