Confusion with scenario

Hi everyone…

First things first. I’m using 2 smart bulbs and a smart ambient light all from meross… They are all connected to smartthings and work fine.

But here is the case… Let’s say a want to create a

scenario in witch blub one switch to another light

color bulb two should switch to same color and

smart ambient light yet to another at a specific

time smartthings tells me that this scenario can’t

be saved due to an error. But after several retries

I could! Now I can’t use the scenario in alerts… If I

manually start it it says that bulb one reacts buld two

and ambient did not… That’s a weird… I mean it’s the

same bulb.

If I decide not to use luminous color instead of a color like red or orange bulb 2 and ambient work,

So why is one buld able to switch colors in scenario and the other and smart ambient light is not… Any thoughts on that?