Confusion about the New Smartthings (Samsung Connect)

Hi guys, as some of you probably know i have moved to the periphery of the Smartthings scene as i have very little of my home automation running on smartthings. but i have taken note of the new Smartthings Connect app as i have just purchased a Samsung Washing machine which uses the new app.

So as i have very few devices on smartthings i would look at trying to reset my hub and attach it to the new connect app. but one of the pre-reqs to me doing this is to port over a couple of cloud based integrations mainly my Tado (Connect) app. what made me think this was possible was that i can see under automations existing smartapps.

so i logged into the IDE using my samsung account instead of my smartthings one and I imported my smartapp and devicetypes. but was left with no way to install the smartapp from the app itself, so i installed using the simulator.

i then see all my thermostats and virtual presence sensors in the app. but when i click on one i get the following error.

No idea on the difference between the old and new platform, but would be great if someone could point me in the right direction as i could migrate everything over easily if i could modify for this new platform.

anyone got any ideas? or am i just plain doing it wrong?

also these devices aren’t listed if you try and use them in a custom automation in the app.

also looking at the logging, the devices are updating values fine from tado.

As far as I’m aware you’re meant to still use the original SmartThings app and wait for a notification saying for you to change.
Have you had that ?

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At the present time a lot of the functionality in the Classic app is not yet available in the Connect app, and everyone who has the Classic app already has been told to keep using it until they get an individual message from support to switch over.

On the other hand, if you have a new Samsung smart appliance, 2018 Samsung smart television, or the Samsung Connect Home WiFi system, support is telling people to use the Connect app for those and as many rules as you can, but to install and use the Classic app if there is missing functionality that you need.

On top of that, the iOS and android versions have different features.

And unless something has changed in the last day or so, you can’t use custom DTHs with the Connect app. You can use custom smartapps, but only if they are first installed through the Classic app. But features in Connect are changing rapidly, i don’t know if this paragraph is still true.

There’s also no way to synch the two sets of automations either through the apps or the IDE and to be honest it’s a mess right now.

Tagging @wb70 who has been following the issue in detail.


Custom device handlers don’t work In the new app yet


Man, this is such a lame roll-out. I would think a big tech company would be able to, and try to, do better.


Between testing with other community members, it appears that there are differences in what the development teams for IOS and Android have made available and visible to us as customers, and this appears to change from week to week.

From direct access of the devices, it appears that controlling of devices that have a custom DTH is not yet available in the NEW app. With that being said though, I can create an Automation that allows me to lock a lock that uses a custom DTH. I was also able to directly lock/unlock this same device last week, while the other lock (identical) remained inaccessible and unavailable to use on the Automation.

Totally agreed. It’s a mess right now.

My take: If you have been using ST Classic, continue using this as your primary application and leave the NEW app alone (don’t add devices, make configuration changes or remove anything).

If you make changes in the IDE or in the ST Classic app, these changes (most things) will be reflective in the NEW app.

If you are one of those curious people, and you want to see what’s happening in the NEW app and just browse through and navigate, that’s great, but I don’t recommend that you create any Automations, try to add devices (unless it’s a TV or a Samsung appliance that can be added to Classic), or turn on/off configurable items (ie Location Service - this will remove your Mobile Phone and Location from the IDE).

Clarification: For most everything, both mobile applications share the same IDE (, so anything that is done in one application will be reflective in the other.

If you don’t have to use the NEW application, my recommendation is to not even install it for now. Even if you have a Samsung phone that this NEW application has been installed (pre loaded) on, I would recommend turning off Notifications and Force stopping the app for now.

Samsung Connect Pro users we know have to use the NEW app in order to configure the router and people with Samsung appliances and televisions are using it for those devices to be able to be discovered/added. If you don’t fall into either of these categories, I recommend that you just leave the NEW app alone. There isn’t anything major that you are missing and unless you know what you are doing, you can create more problems for your ST environment than what it’s worth. :slight_smile:

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It is what it is. Nothing we can say or do changes that. Not a single thing we can do about it. They have their own agenda and it’s going to be rolled out this way moving forward. As unfortunate as this whole thing is and has been, you just have to adapt, be patient and wait and hope that they get more things right in the end. It’s going to get worse before it gets better. We don’t have to agree and we can complain, but none of that will change how they go about rolling this out. We have two choices, deal with it or go elsewhere. :slight_smile:

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Of course this is understood. I’m just surprised. After all this time, smart home stuff still doesn’t really seem ready for prime time. I’ve invested in a handful of plugs and one switch. I’ve paused my “build-out” because of the lack of reliability. Not sure if I will add more devices or not.

Yep, I hear ya. For now, if you have no immediate need to have to expand things, I would simply sit back, continue using ST Classic as you have been doing and see how all of this plays out in the end. We may be pleasantly surprised after going through this whole debacle (the NEW app does hold some promise as to improvements - personal testing of everything) or it may end up being the straw that breaks the camel’s back and people in droves go elsewhere.

@JDRoberts, @joecooler, @WB70

thanks for the info. the problem is that the existing migration will not allow my hub and my washing machine to eventually share the same account. and i cannot automate my washer /or receive notifications without IFTTT. I hate using IFTTT as it makes my overall integration messy and dependant on too many parts… i have now written my own integrations for all my devices between smartthings and homeseer only.

This was why i was pre-empting. but as you can see i can install the Custom Device handlers for my thermostats, but im presuming they are/have changed the tile display parameters etc… and now this is not compatible. but im not interested in Legacy and the new connect and never the twain shall meet.

really glad that i’m no longer very dependant on the whims of this corporation any more. my automation is mine and i need to get away from it. i suspect if i finish re-authoring my tado app for Homeseer i will only then maintain my hub to send and receive the presence sensors updates and send them to homeseer.

was thinking that i could just write a smartapp to send and recieve the washer status etc… but to send this to Homeseer i need to use a local hub command so i don’t have to allow external access :frowning: but for you guys fully bought into this platform. i feel your pain.

I’m not sure I understand this. Can you clarify why you think the Migration will not allow this?

For the Migration:

You have a SmartThings account with all your devices minus the washing machine.

You have a Samsung account that contains only your washing machine.

When you get the Account Migration Banner in the SmartThings Classic app, you will follow those instructions and you will specify your existing Samsung account as the target account. Everything from your SmartThings account will be merged into your existing Samsung account.

from everything i understand (not 100% sure as i haven’t done or seen the migration) but from what i have read they won’t merge the integration. once the smartthings account is set then you still log into the smartthings classic. which cannot see my washer. and likewise automation is ST connect won’t see the devices in ST classic.

but if someone undergone the migration can confirm better than me if the devices from each account are merged together and can be seen in both apps post migration. i just was very critical of the language of the information regarding the migration and the way they worded it impled that the accounts wont be merged per-se

Once you migrate everything from your SmartThings account to the Samsung account, FOR NOW, you will still log into ST Classic as your primary application, but you will be logging into it with your Samsung Account only (as the SmartThings account will no longer be). You may not see the washing machine in ST Classic.

But if you login to the NEW app, you will be able to see all your devices, including the washing machine.


hi, newbie around here :). Guys im just to start to configure my hub (i know, this is a bad time to come to ST environment), whats your best recommendations about use the Classic or the new app.

im only have a 2018 smart tv, a few multipurpose ST sensor, a ring pro and a few hue bulbs

thanks and great community!

Because the NEW app is incomplete, I don’t recommend trying to add everything from the NEW app because we don’t know what is supported yet and what will work when it comes to discovery. For a less painful experience, my personal recommendation would be this:

  1. Use the ST Classic app for discovering / adding all of your devices with exception to the TV.

  2. Use the NEW app to discover / add your television only.

Because you have so few devices, you can probably get away with using the NEW app for accessibility / visibility for controlling and accessing your devices so long as they are all using non custom DTHs (meaning that ST discovered and added them and assigned them a standard ST Device type).

There are so many different scenarios for who should and shouldn’t use the NEW app and with so many unknowns in the app and being incomplete, everyone’s results and experience may differ.

Read all of today’s posts above on this topic.