Confusing Marketplace Icon

Folks, I’ve gotten v2.3.0 of the mobile app, and noticed that the marketplace icon looks like the delete/trash icon, which is confusing. Please consider changing it. Thanks!

It would help if you said if this is iOS or Android.

I’m on iOS, but I hope that doesn’t mean that different OS’es have different icons, unless of course the mobile app on one of the OS’es is either way behind or way ahead of the other, making them look different on different OS’es. Thanks!

I agree, looks like a market stall and on an iPhone7 at least, it says “marketplace” below the icon. But I can see what the OP means I suppose.

Welcome to smartthings :grimacing:

Mushroom Super Mario

Looks like a tall cupcake to me :smile: … but then, I’m always thinking food, LOL

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Just realized Facebook uses the same icon for their marketplace

It looks like they made some switch server side because I had a little rocket ship icon in the navigation bar (not even sure what it was) that disappeared. Just this morning I noticed it was the same marketplace icon. I wonder if they changed them up.

Hmm… Perhaps it was intentional. :sunglasses:

Nope, still looks like the delete/trash icon on the iOS app. If it was a bit wider maybe, and if the ridges of the awning showed some lines, then maybe.

Nope, the FaceBook icon is in color, and shows up much better, and is not the same as the one in the ST app. I’d settle for the FB icon.

Yeah, but on the iOS SmartThings app it says “Marketplace” right below it and on Facebook it doesn’t.

I can see what you’re talking about, but it should be a confusion that lasts 2 seconds tops and then never confuse you again. Of all SmartThing’s problems, this has to be so far down the list to barely register (but I agree is extremely easy fix also).

Like I said, I’ll settle for the FB icon, and you can take away the “MarketPlace” text if you want. I guess a picture can be worth a 1000 words. Also, removing the text will give additional space to make it into a larger icon that’s more expressive.

That said, on a larger note, the point I’m trying to make is to improve the ST iconography to improve the overall experience, but anyway, I’ve posted a more generic thread separately so that we don’t get hung up on just one icon, and look at the bigger picture for a more consistent experience.

Appreciate everybody’s responses/reactions. Thanks!