Confused and trying to get a security system running

Metadata error

When you went to the IDE to create the SmartApps code, you should have initially logged in at

The IDE is simply a place where you save code in your environment that allows you to install the SmartApp from the Marketplace.

Just because you save the code in your IDE, doesn’t mean its your SmartApp yet. The web interface and My SmartApps is where the code is stored. And if you didn’t Publish for Me, you will not see it in the Marketplace of the Mobile App to actually install it as @tgauchat directed you towards.

So make sure that whatever code you created in IDE is Published and if it also requires Oauth to be enabled, then you should do that as well.

If it’s not Pulished in the IDE, then you will not be able to install it from the mobile app.

As I had stated way up above, when it comes to ST, reading is a necessity. Especially if you are going to install SmartApps from someone else’s custom SmartApp code and/or Device Handlers. Every developer usually has a set of instructions that accompany that SmartApp, but if you don’t understand the overall concept of GitHub, I encourage you to read additional documentation so that it makes more sense and you fully understand why you are following a specific set of instructions.

  1. IDE (My SmartApps / My Device Handlers) ---- Storage facility of code to be able to install a SmartApp or associate a Device with a custom Device Handler.

  2. Marketplace (Mobile App) / My Apps — Allows you to install a SmartApp where you have created/published the code in 1 above.

  3. Automation / SmartApps (Mobile app) — Where you access your previously installed SmartApps from 2 above.

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